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Series: "Vuelta al Psicoanálisis"

Showed in ArtMeet Gallery Milano. Italy. 2014. Sponsored by Norway Embassy & Portugal Consulate

Rosa López Calull
calull art psicoanalisis Milan plasticidad

calull art psicoanalisis Milan Matute

calull art psicoanalisis Milan inconsciente calull art psicoanalisis Milan Saber Inconsciente
This series is focus on my experience about Phsychoanalysis.

Series: "TaKsu of Bali" (shared ritus)

Showed in Arma Museum's Gardens. Ubud. Indonesia. 2009 and 2010. Espai d'Art Can Manyé. Alella. Barcelona. 2013. Sponsored by Generalitat de Catalunya & Diputació de Barcelona. Fira d'Art Salt. Girona. Sponsored by Ajuntament de Salt

calull art Arma Museum Bali Dancers calull art Arma Museum Bali mujer del mar calull art Arma Museum Bali Rito calull art Arma Museum Bali Natur
This series is focus on my experience in Balinese Community

Series: "Anònims"

Showed in "La Fàbrica" Esporles. Mallorca. 2015. Sponsored by Ajuntament d'Esporles. "Greenviews" El Nido. Palawan. Philippines. 2013. Ondarte Residency and "Pueblo's street". Akumal. Mexico. 2012. Fundation Babayan and "TeHouse" Gallery. Ibraimpasha. Turkey. 2008. "Art i Argent" Gallery. Banyoles. Girona. 2005. "Toranto" Gallery. Barcelona. 2005. "Escoles Velles" Begur. Girona. 2004. Sponsored by Ajuntament de Begur. "Ries Gallegues" Gallery. Girona. 2004. "Óleos" Gallery. Barcelona. 2004. "Albereda" Gallery. Girona. 2003. "Parador Nacional d'Aiguablava". Begur. Girona. 2003. " Les Voltes" Gallery. Olot. Girona. 2003. "Gent del Masnou" Gallery. El Masnou. Barcelona. 2002. Sala d'Exposicions "Caixa Laietana". Argentona. Barcelona. 2001.Sponsored by Fundació Caixa Laietana.

calull art painter India donacoto calull art painter Cameroon viejo sabio calull art painter Yemen almuerzo calull art painter hands
This series is focus on my experience in some Artist Residences and trips around the wold: Madagascar, Cameroon, Yemen, India,Thailand, Laos, Morocco, Turkey, Mexico, Philipinnes, Guatemala, Honduras and Vietnam

Series: "Aigües pedregoses" (rocks and water)

Showed in Sala d'Exposicions Emilia Xargay. L'Escala. Girona. 2004. Sponsored by Ajuntament de l'Escala. "Óleos" Gallery. Barcelona. 2004. "Ries Gallegues" Gallery. Girona. 2004.

calull art painting sea Talassic calull art sea painting Estartit calull art cabo de gata el mosul calull art Costa Brava
Aigües Pedregoses is a transparent slip, where it's play femele and male elements, the passive and the active element; a world absorbed in its own world, a search for the inexisten in which it exist, for the ecence that will be possible human.
calull art costa brava
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