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Series: "Anonims" From 2001 to the present

Rosa López Calull

This series is focus on my experience in some Artist Residences and trips around the wold: Madagascar, Cameroon, Yemen, India,Thailand, Laos, Morocco, Turkey, Mexico, Philipinnes, Guatemala, Honduras and Vietnam

Showed in "La Fàbrica" Esporles. Mallorca. 2015. Sponsored by Ajuntament d'Esporles. "Greenviews" El Nido. Palawan. Philippines. 2013. Ondarte Residency and "Pueblo's street". Akumal. Mexico. 2012. Fundation Babayan and "TeHouse" Gallery. Ibraimpasha. Turkey. 2008. "Art i Argent" Gallery. Banyoles. Girona. 2005. "Toranto" Gallery. Barcelona. 2005. "Escoles Velles" Begur. Girona. 2004. Sponsored by Ajuntament de Begur. "Ries Gallegues" Gallery. Girona. 2004. "Óleos" Gallery. Barcelona. 2004. "Albereda" Gallery. Girona. 2003. "Parador Nacional d'Aiguablava". Begur. Girona. 2003. " Les Voltes" Gallery. Olot. Girona. 2003. "Gent del Masnou" Gallery. El Masnou. Barcelona. 2002. Sala d'Exposicions "Caixa Laietana". Argentona. Barcelona. 2001.Sponsored by Fundació Caixa Laietana.

Ondarte Residency 2012 Akumal. Mexico.

calull art Babayan Turkey Ibraimpasha durmus Babayan Foundation Residency 2008 Ibraimpasha.Turkey
calull art Mexico artist talk calull art Mexico palmera calull art Turkey Ibraimpasha bay
calull art Turkey Ibraimpasha cueva

calull art Mexico Ondarte

calull art Mexico playa Akumal

calull art Mexico Pueblo playa calull art Turkey Ibraimpasha Bayan calull art Turkey Babayan cueva calull art Turkey ibraimpasha Babayan balcony
calull art Africa mercat calull art Africa men calull art Africa girl calull art Africa girl calull art Africa village calull art Africa hats
calull art Africa mam calull art Africa natur calull art Africa river calull art Africa bici
calull art 11 september calull art fisherman calull art yemen old man calull art Vietnam specy calull art Philippines Lola calull art Philippines Natur calull art Philippines El Nido
calull art India mercat calull art India Venarassi calull art India Venarassi couple calull art Luang Prabang Laos calull art Vietnam Fisherman
calull art Maya viejo calull art Maya mujer calull art Maya mercado calull art Maya copan calull art Maya tikal calull art Maya Tikal calull art Maya Tulum calull art Maya Tulum
calull art Maya San Francisco calull art Maya Guatemala calull art Maya madre
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