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Rosa López Calull


Rosa López Calull, was born in Barcelona in 1960, she is a painter, teacher, psychoeducationer clinical and psychoanalyst.

Manager of Tangram ( Art - Education- Psychoanalysis ), since it was found in 2002


Curriculum and experience as a visual artist

40 years working in artistic's area.

She began as a self-taught and then she studied in several artistic schools. She has done both numerous individual and collective throughout the country and overseas exhibitions.

Calull Visual Artist Figurative


Curriculum and experirnce as a teacher

35 years working in educational area.

She holds a Belchor's degree in Education, major in Elementary Educaction, Catalan's Teacher and a Postgraduate in Teaching of the Viaual Arts.

Calull Art Educacion Tangram


Curriculum and experience as a psychoanalyst and psychoeducation clinical

23 years training in analytic area.

She started personal analysis in 1992 and she received her formal psychoanalyst training at Grupo Cero School of Psychoanalysis and Poetry. She holds a Master's in Clinical Psycho-Pedagogy from León University (UL) and Neuronal Science and Mental Health Institute (INSM) in Barcelona.

Calull Psychoanalysis Barcelona

Experience in Tangram

She found Tangram , Art - Educació - Anàlisi, in 2002

Nowadays, she is working as a painter, teacher and pychoeducation clinical.

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