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Living, painting, traveling, thinking...
Rosa López Calull


"Essències" is a life sketch that it is open with every foot print...
The exhibition joins a serie of experiencies, sensations and impressions that impregnate my occidental soul, they are ethereal prints, short-lived moments that they were left by the meetings with some cultures, and at the same time, they are tiny brushstroke that go me up to human element very soft.

Its realism is just appearance, a false quick look; characters are just an excuse to sense a culture, a way of life, an ancestral memory that slip along a scarf, along a hat, along a field tool....
Essències de cultura let us put in an esence world of fragance, smells, flavours, lights, lands, materials..., tiny particles in constantly movement; they will assume responsibile for the meeting in the no meeting that always means the other, they will be those that let us enjoy or suffer, but they will always make us to be on the alert, expectant, ready to find out the similitude in the difference, the diffence of what it is similar.

Characters that appear are nameless, it's the culture who christens them, who give name to them; however, the audience tries to capture the character with their own look, but they never get it. A simple detail, a shade, a fold, a silence, these confuse spectators and absorbed them. A culture that it is not of who is looking, but whom is looked.

I have traveled around several countries, I've enjoyed their smells and colours, I've suffered their aromas and lights. I let me dissolve in yellows and african lands, it was mixed up with reds and asiatic lacquers, mayan tinge me with bronze and they impregnate me with fleeting esence, with that which slip between shade colour schemes that try to catch the careful brushstroke, palette knife that picks the impact of what it is inaccessible up.

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