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Living, painting, pottering... in La Bisbal de l'Empordà
Rosa López Calull

The happiest years of my childhood I was living in Figueres. I loved those blue skies, the Tramuntana's power and riding a bicycle freely through its streets. They were other times, I know, moments of pleasure lyrics. Anyway I decided to listen to my memories and returned to l'Empordà. I moved to this beautiful house: La Casa del Teatre Vell, in La Bisbal. She seemed to be waiting for me, a feeling of joy watching old photos, there was one of them about a painting workshop in the house! Unbelievable!. So I decided to settle in and cover it with Art. I started to think the idea of turning it into an Artist's Residency, but I'm still working on, maybe, who knows.

By now, I open the house and show some paintings and pottery. On first Friday of each month. Sometimes I choose new work, others, different themes. But always is a good way for sharing a coffee .

This February I'll give an artist talk about the relationship between Art and Psychoanalysis.

If you would like to come, you'll be very wellcome.


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